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  • Monkey Eagle Brewery Inc.
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About Us
Monkey Eagle Brewery is a micro brewery in the Philippines, makers of world-class craft beers. Established and started formally brewing in 2014.

It was also at this time that the brewers took up formal education in brewing from Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Germany. In addition to this, the brewers also traveled to international breweries in America, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Belgium to learn the different beer brewing practices of these countries.

Gaining enough knowledge and experience from their studies, the 15 hectoliter brewery in Tagaytay was built, outfitted with the best German-made brewing equipment in 2016. Since then, Monkey Eagle Brewery has been making craft beers using the highest quality and finest ingredients while ensuring the best sanitation practices in brewing. Committed to produce tasteful beers that only pass these strict standards, the brewery only labels beers that have been selected from hundreds of recipes that they continuously develop.

Monkey Eagle Brewery, bringing the best of the world to the Philippines while in service of its community.

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Our Beers
Craft Beer in Makati Metro Manila, Beer Delivery  in Makati Metro Manila
Saison is Monkey Eagle’s signature ale, designed to emulate the original farmhouse ales of Belgium. French word for "season", this beer was historically served in the late summer to weary harvesters.
Crafted with an artisanal blend of herbs, it possesses a robust flavor with a hint of fruitiness. This flavorful and refreshing brew is best enjoyed with cheese, poultry, or fish.
Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 7.25
Local Beer in Makati Metro Manila, Ale in Makati Metro Manila
Potion 28 is an India Pale Ale with an intense hop flavor, toasty malt presence, and a medium-dry finish. It seems to resemble more of a "truth serum" after a couple of rounds.
The intense flavors and bitterness make this brew a great match with savory red meat dishes or strong cheeses like sharp cheddar. Potion 28 is perfect for the craft beer enthusiast looking for the distinct taste of hops.
India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.65
Craft Beer in Makati Metro Manila
Inspired and exclusive to the island of Siargao, this Blonde Ale embodies the vibe of the Philippines’ dream-like surf destination. Just like the island, General Luna Ale is light and easy but still full of flavor.
The beer is also being used to help the island of Siargao by bringing in bottle crushers to contribute in addressing the growing waste management problem.
Blonde Ale
ABV: 5
Local Beer in Philippines
Psychedelic Blonde is our latest blonde ale. Upon drinking, you immediately taste the fruity flavor coming from the different hops we use in brewing this beer. This beer is an amazing thirst quencher.
This beer is best paired with sweet and spicy food including many Asian dishes.
Blonde Ale
ABV: 5
Ale in Makati Metro Manila
Barley Sunset is a Pale Ale full of hoppy aroma and flavor. The blend of different hops creates a beer that can best be enjoyed any time of the day and is best paired with grilled​​​​​​​ meats like burgers, steaks, and barbecue.
This beer is named after our brewery dog, Barley, who sadly passed away while we were developing this recipe.
Pale Ale
ABV: 5
Ale in Makati Metro Manila
This original brew, a medium-bodied refreshing ale with hints of tropical fruit and summer flowers was made by Filipinos for the Filipino palate.

This distinct and bold beer is best paired with roasted meats and steak.

(Philippine Style) Pale Ale


What We're Up To
Monkey Eagle Brewery in Makati, Craft Beer in Makati Metro Manila
Monkey Eagle T-shirts now available! ​​​​​
Craft Beer in Siargao, Local Beer in Siargao
We’re now in Shake Shack Manila!​​​​​​
Craft Beer in Siargao, Local Beer in Siargao
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Find Us
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• Tiyo Gastropub
• Tipsy Pig Timog 
• Alamat Filipino Pub and Deli
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• Shake Shack
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• Mendokoro Ramenba
• Craft
• i Darts
• Seda Hotel
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• Somerset Hotel
​​​​​​​• Mendokoro Ramenba

• Anya Resort & Residences
• Deli de San Honore
• Discovery Country Suites


• Funky Quarters
• Alon and Sandy 
• Kermit Siargao
• Harana Surf Resort
• La Mari
• Siargao Wakepark
• White Banana Beach Club
• Soultribe Beach Retreat



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7/F DPC Bldg., 2322 Don Chino Roces Avenue Ext., Brgy. Magallanes, City of Makati, 1232, Philippines

Mobile Number:
+63 (917) 1758289

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